The Achievements Of An Organisation Are The Results of The Combined Effort of Each Individual.
 - Vincent Lombardi

Pleasure In The Job Puts Perfection In The Work.
             - Aristotle

The Difference B/W A Job & A Career Is The Difference B/W Forty & Sixty Hours A Week.
         - Robert Frost
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RNO Level 1 Engineer
The RNO Level 1 team should do the following work, but not limit following work:
  • Onsite Network Planning:
    • Carry out nominal planning according to project requirement.
    • Perform network detailed planning such as site parameter planning, LAC planning, frequency planning and neighbour list planning.
    • Perform site identifications and evaluations, and analyze site engineering drawings and schematics.
    • Carry out site survey and site selection independently.
    • Carry out coverage plot and analysis.
  • Onsite Network Optimization:
    • Perform network optimization data analysis.
    • Define drive routes and prepare Mapinfo / Google Maps or equivalent maps.
    • Prepare daily performance report and identify worst performing cells.
    • Monitor the KPI based on cell site and area wide, and improve the KPI.
    • Maintenance the KPI, ensure that it archives the target.
    • Review the daily system alarms and assist BSS/MW team to solve the problems.
    • Network parameters consistent check on weekly and monthly basis according to project requirement.
    • Prepare network maintenance report based on weekly and monthly according to project requirement.
  • Onsite Customer Complaint Handling:
    • Do the necessary analysis to solve customer problems such as DT, CQT, traffic congestion analysis.
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Technical Skills Required:
     More than 2 years relevant experience of network 
      planning or network optimization.
     Have the good concepts of transmission. 
     Have the good concepts of BSS parameters.
     Good working knowledge of traffic analysis.
     Good working knowledge of DT analysis.
     Good English communication skill in both written and
      oral English.
    Qualification and Experience:
     More than 2 Yr. relevant Experience for the work.
     Range : 2 - 3 years.