Case Studies 2
Case Studies
Case Studies
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Case Study 2
Enhancing Customer experience experience in value added services like Roaming.
-Find out how a PhiMetrics Roaming Audit helped a Middle Eastern operator identify ways to improve the roaming experience of its customers, improve usage and increase roaming revenue by up to USD 25 Million.
The Problem
A leading operator in Europe wanted to cut cost on the maintenance of its 2G network due to falling 2G revenues amidst growth in other areas (3G & LTE)
The Approach
PhiMetrics used the remote analysis methodology where data was exchanged between the on-site teams and the offshore back-end through secure VPN servers.
The Solution
PhiMetrics conducted an audit of the Roaming Customer's experience that included an in-depth understanding of the roaming experience for both Inbound and Outbound roaming.Detailed test cases were designed for measuring the experience across each touch point.
The touch points that were measured from a roamer's perspective for inbound and outbound roamers included:

  • Network
  • Billing
  • Customer Care
  • Marketing
  • Roaming Partners
  • Roaming Quality
  • Provisioning

The outbound roaming section covered experience measurement across 20 of the top visited countries by the subscribers. The solution was designed to measure customer experience across each roaming touch point. A customized roaming scorecard was generated to continuously monitor roaming performance. Issues found during the audit were analyzed and classified into Technical, Business or Process issues with insights on how to resolve them Each recommendation was supported by a financial impact model that calculated the financial & customer experience impact as well as the potential gain from the resolution with respect to:

  1. Roaming revenue
  2. Roaming Market Share
  3. Roaming ARPU and
  4. Competitive performance
The Result
PhiMetrics Achieved the network and customer experience maintenance goals set by the client while achieving a 70% reduction in operational costs.