Case Studies 3
Case Studies
Case Studies
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Case Study 3
Here's how we can help bridge the gap between Customer Perception & Customer Reality.
- Find out how PhiMetrics Brand Audit helps operators relate actual customer experience (customer reality) to Customer perception.
The Problem
A leading operator in Europe wanted to cut cost on the maintenance of its 2G network due to falling 2G revenues amidst growth in other areas (3G & LTE)
The Approach
PhiMetrics used the remote analysis methodology where data was exchanged between the on-site teams and the offshore back-end through secure VPN servers.
The Solution
The PhiMetrics Brand Audit & Monitoring Solution helps create Positive Brand Equity which allows better:

  • Acquisition - Acquire More Customers
  • Retention - Retain More Customers
  • Growth - Make Customers use more services

The Solution Measures top customer attributes for perception (from surveys) and experience (from mobile agents) and compares them using the Brand Importance matrix (using importance of customer attributes for each customer segment)

The solution then uses the results to populate a Brand Experience Scorecard.

The Result
The Brand Audit Score card allows operators continuously
  • The Brand Audit Score card allows operators continuously
  • Identify gaps between perception and reality with insights on how to bridge the experience