Customer Experience Audit
Customer Experience Audits
Customer Experience Audits
Walking in the Shoes of the Customer - Emulating Customer Behavior for providing insights that improve Customer Experience
The PhiMetrics Handset based network experience Audit is a mechanism to measure customer experience at the handset level.

The PhiMetrics brand audit solution used actual customer experience information collected through Network sources & mobile agents installed in customer handsets to correlate user perception with user experience.

The methodology includes mapping of Net promoter scores (NPS) and customer satisfaction scores (C-Sat) with actual customer experience in order to identify gaps and unlock potential brand value by either improving the customer’s perception or experience on the basis of the analysis.

The Brand Audit analysis and results can be regularly tracked using an automated web based dashboard that is fully customizable.

The PhiMetrics Brand Audit Solution allows operators to:
  • Correlate NPS & C-Sat with Customer Experience
  • Verify C-Sat feedback with ground reality
  • Perform root cause analysis on identified problems to improve customer perception & experience.

The PhiMetrics Handset based network experience Audit is a mechanism to measure customer experience at the handset level.

While network audits help in improving overall network quality, the customer experience is largely dependent on the handset that they use. The PhiMetrics methodology allows operators to measure actual customer experience using different handsets and operating systems.

The PhiMetrics methodology uses various smartphone based tools to measure and compare using a web based dashboard:
  • Network Engineer view v/s customer view
  • Platform based competitive performance (Android, iOS, WP, BB etc.)
  • Benchmarking Customer experience across top customer handsets
  • Indoor and outdoor performance
  • Layer 3 drill down for top issues (iOS, Android)
  • Voice Quality (MOS) measurement

The Phimetrics Roaming Audit tracks the experience of Roaming Subscribers.

Inbound Roaming
  • Measuring the Quality of Service provided to International Roamers on the network
  • Maximizing Roaming Revenue by improving performance at roaming hotspots

Outbound Roaming
  • Measuring the quality of service provided to subscribers when they Roam on other Networks

Measured Roaming Touchpoints include Network, Billing, Marketing, Customer Care, Roaming Partners, Roaming Quality, VAS & Provisioning

The unique methodology measures & analyzes:
  • Competitive Roaming Performance
  • Touchpoint based customer experience
  • Inbound and Outbound Roaming Performance

And provides:
  • Customized Roaming Dashboard & Scorecard
  • Identification of Issues
  • Recommendations to improve performance
  • Financial Impact model
  • Roaming Market Sizing