Drive Test Analytics
Drive Test & Smartphone based Analytics
Drive Test & Smartphone based Analytics
-Same day analysis of all drive test and Smartphone based data
The PhiMetrics Back-end drive test based Analysis is setup to post process drive test data from multiple regions and tools on a single platform and provide insights for improvement of network quality and customer experience

The Drive test analysis platform accepts log files for:
  • Outdoor Drive test
  • Outdoor Walk test
  • Indoor Walk test
  • Highway and Train measurements
  • Hotspot measurements

Along with the log files, PhiMetrics platform also considers network details such as location and configuration in order to identify issues and perform root cause analysis.

The analysis is completely automated and can be customized to meet an operator's requirements. The reporting platform can also be web-based in order to make continuous monitoring & reporting possible.

  • Verification & Acceptance Analysis
  • Coverage & Quality Analysis
  • Data & VAS service Analysis

The PhiMetrics Back-end can receive and analyze data from mobile agents installed in actual customer devices.

Mobile agents such as the one provided by 131squared, have the capability of being installed in end user devices and measuing the actual experience of the customer on the network.

The features of the PhiMetrics Mobile agent analysis are:

  • Remotely upload data from mobile agents in the field to the PhiMetrics backend.
  • Web based analysis and reporting of the mobile agent KPIs
  • Customizable filtering according to demographics, devices, locations and time.
  • Correlation analysis with drive test and other layer 3 data.
While layer 3 collected from drive test and benchmarking equipment is useful for measuring network performance, they do not provide an accurate measure of customer experience.

In order to measure high ARPU customer's experience, layer 3 based smatphone testing is conducted. This involves deploying smartphones with layer 3 recording capability that can measure experience from a customer's view.

The PhiMetrics Backend analytics platform can receive and analyze layer 3 information collected from smartphones & tablets through various solutions such as AmanziTel & SmartDM. Layer 3 collected on Android and iOS devices can be analyzed

The analysis that is provided includes

  • Smartphone & tablet experience analysis
  • Smartphone based competitive benchmarking analysis
  • Platform (android & iOS) based performance
  • Correlation with drive test and mobile agent results
  • Root Cause analysis
  • Voice Quality (MOS) analysis