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    How it works
The PhiMetrics Audit Methodology embodies the customer centrist approach that is part of the PhiMetrics psyche.
PhiMetrics emulates customer behavior scenarios for data collection. The Data collection is based on the basic tenets of capturing the customer’s real experience by testing:

  • Where Customers Go – specific locations outdoor & indoor with high footfalls
  • What Customer Do – testing services most used by customers
  • When Customers Do them – testing them at times most used by customers

The PhiMetrics Audit methodology captures the customer’s experience by measuring the experience across all the touch points that a customer comes in contact with, throughout his journey with the operator.

PhiMetrics has developed a proprietary audit methodology that "Walks in the Shoes of the Customer"

While traditional audits focus on a more network failure metric, PhiMetrics emulates customer scenarios for data collection.

PhiMetrics uses a vendor independent 3rd party post processing platform to automate its benchmarking Analysis to provide competitive reports and insights for improvement. In addition to the usual post processing analysis, PhiMetrics has also built its own customer analytics modules that dive deeper into root causes of failures.

Automated Analysis is done using PhiMetrics Proprietary solutions like:

  • Macro based analysis & Custom Queries
  • GIS based analysis
  • Algorithm based projection analysis

“The customer does not care what technology is used as long as his needs are met”. Irrespective of the technology of service (2G, 3G or LTE), the customer experience KPIs are uniform and hence can be used as a measure to compare performance across different generations of technologies from an end-user perspective.

The PhiMetrics Audit reports contain a plethora of information on competitive behavior, customer experience and insights on improvement. Apart from a generic comparison, they also contain:

  • KPI comparison with global and local KPIs
  • SWOT analysis
  • Detailed root cause analysis of failures
  • Parameter wise comparison of best settings

PhiMetrics has built a global KPI database that contains KPIs from its audits around the world; providing a performance comparison with global benchmarks