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    How it works
Our Global Analytics Backend allows you to analyze all data Period.
Our Global Back-end Analytics Centre accepts Customer Experience based, Network based and Survey based data.

The PhiMetrics Global Analytics back-end is vendor independent. Whatever sources of data, the PhiMetrics back-end can analyze, cross reference and find insights that impact customer metrics. The back-end can accept data from:

  • Different network vendors such as NSN, Huawei, Ericsson, ZTE etc.
  • OSS, BSS and Probe based data from different equipment vendors
  • Drive test and other data collection tools
  • Survey based data

The PhiMetrics Back-end is composed of best in class 3rd party analytics tools.

The PhiMetrics back-end is designed with customized automated analysis templates that are used to churn data and populate customer metric scorecards and dashboards for easy identification of insights. PhiMetrics can also provide a customized web-based analysis and reporting interface to enable easy access to on-site teams.

The PhiMetrics Analytics service analyses performance based on customer metrics. Instead of providing insights with just the network view, the analysis is performed with the goal of providing insights that have the maximum impact on customer experience.

The insights that are generated by the PhiMetrics back-end are not only customer centric but also provided along with a proper workflow to readily implement the insight. The workflow takes into account the team structure and the roles and responsibilities to assign the tasks to the right resource. It also provides a mechanism for tracking the implementation and verifying the improvement

  • KPI comparison with global and local KPIs
  • SWOT analysis
  • Detailed root cause analysis of failures
  • Parameter wise comparison of best settings

PhiMetrics has built a global KPI database that contains KPIs from its audits around the world; providing a performance comparison with global benchmarks