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The best approach, the best tools and the best resources
The PhiMetrics methodology of putting the customer experience first, helps operators and vendors prioritize their optimization activities taking customer impact into account. The PhiMetrics services approach is one that results in impact driven insights that can be translated into action using the recommended workflow.

When we accept a services project, we take on the risks associated with its success, in a manner that can be quantifiable. Our SLA based approach gives results that live up to the stringent targets that our clients set for us to achieve.

PhiMetrics uses tool based approach that is focused on collecting the right data, performing automated analysis & providing meaningful insights.

Although these tools have a significant impact on the improvement process, a lot of operators / vendors cannot use them due to the limited ROI that follows the purchase of these tools. PhiMetrics’ unique syndication methodology enables these tools to be shared over its various services projects thereby generating the maximum impact in a cost effective manner. These tools are readily available in the PhiMetrics Global Back-end Analytics Center in India.
PhiMetrics has the best in-house Subject Matter Experts with a collective experience of over 200 years across all wireless technologies and regions. Whatever the issue, PhiMetrics SMEs & Consultants are equipped to identify it, analyze it and resolve it in a cost effective manner. with every project we bring to the table, the same knowledge and global expertise.

PhiMetrics Consultants have:

  • Worked in over 50 of the top global operators
  • Worked across all wireless technologies
  • Extensive experience across Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas