Network Audit
Network Audit
Network Audit
Measuring aspects of network performance that have the greatest impact on the customer
PhiMetrics Benchmarking Solutions provide competitive analysis to help operators benchmark actual quality of service with local and global standards.

In order to measure Service Quality, PhiMetrics Audits include various scenarios such as:
  • Outdoor Benchmarking
  • In-building Benchmarking
  • VIP routes measurement
  • Train & Highway Benchmarking

We help you measure and analyze:
  • Competitiveness (local & global)
  • Customer Experience
  • Service Experience
  • Location Experience

And help you prioritize & improve performance by providing:
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Insights and Recommendations
  • Customer Impact

The network design audit analyzes all aspects of network planning & design.
It includes:

  • Planning Audit
  • Dimensioning Audit
  • Link Budget Analysis
  • Frequency plan audit etc.
  • Coverage Analysis

We help operators independently evaluate network design and help them optimize the plan through recommendations that involve:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Zero Cap-ex optimization
  • Future Proofing
Data Audit
The PhiMetrics Data Audit solution performs an end-to-end data focused audit to measure, analyze and track data quality and user experience over multiple technologies & services such as Video, HTTP, P2P etc.

EMF Audit
The EMF audit is designed to survey areas for Electro Magnetic Fields with state of the art equipment which is able to measure EMF at any location in a 3-dimensional spectrum. These results are then compared to international standards, norms and best practices.
The PhiMetrics EMF audit accounts for multi technology and multi-site locations. In case the Measured EMF is higher than the regulatory threshold, PhiMetrics provides recommendations to achieve compliance by pinpointing the source of the violation.

Infrastructure Audit
The infrastructure audit assesses the quality and capability of the deployed network infrastructure It includes:
  • Database Audit
  • Site Audit
  • Hardware Fault Analysis
  • PIM Testing