Planning Analytics
Planning & Optimization analytics
Planning & Optimization analytics
Cloud based backend analytics to help you achieve performance goals
The PhiMetrics backend analytics center provides planning based analysis services that help operators improve coverage & quality while keeping Op-ex and Cap-ex increases to a minimum. PhiMetrics uses the best in class tools to provide these services at an affordable cost due to its syndication methodology.

The various planning based analytics that the PhiMetrics Backend offers are:
  • Network Planning Analytics - Coverage and service footprint analysis
  • Capacity Planning
  • Service Quality Planning
  • Automated Frequency Planning (2G only)
  • Automated Cell Planning

Our Planning Analytics Backend helps operators:
  • Independently evaluate network design
  • Provide insights that help operators allocate Cap-ex spend in the right areas
  • Find and recommend fixes for issues related to planning with Zero Cap-ex investment
  • Generate a roadmap to plan for future requirements

The PhiMetrics backend analytics center provides optimization based analysis services that help operators optimize network and customer experience using insights and recommendations provided by the PhiMetrics Backend.

The various optimization based analytics that the PhiMetrics Backend offers are:

  • Macro/GIS based analysis
  • Geo-location based analysis using GPEH / Probe data (3G/LTE only)
  • Spectrum analysis (Re-farming, load Management, Utilization, Scanning etc.)

The PhiMetrics Backend Analysis uses a combination of 3rd party tools along with PhiMetrics proprietary GIS and Macro based correlation analysis to provide recommendations and insights that have a positive impact on customer experience.

Some Backend Optimization analyses that can be provided are:

  • 2G/3G/LTE KPI based Coverage, Capacity & Quality Analysis (Voice & Data)
  • RAN Analytics
  • Core Analytics
  • Tx & MPBN Analytics
The PhiMetrics Backend analytics solution provides a web based analysis and reporting module that can aggregate the data and reports from the OSS and NOC of each Op-Co
The Dash board can also be combined with the drive test based and planning & optimization based dashboards.

The Dashboard can be customized to display:
  • OSS KPIs
  • Handset Experience / Customer Experience KPIs
  • Benchmarking KPIs
  • Spectrum KPIs
  • Traffic and Performance KPIs
  • Voice Quality KPIs
  • VAS KPIs

The Analysis that can be provided are:
  • Acceptance test analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Drilldown analysis
  • Impact Analysis
Benefits of Remote Roaming analytics:
  • Monitor & Identify barriers to increased roaming revenue
  • Identify methods to increase roaming uptake for both Inbound & Outbound
  • Implement targeted processes and initiatives that capture roaming market share