Planning Services
Planning Services
Planning Services
Planning from an end customer's perspective.
The PhiMetrics approach to planning is based on its advanced data analytics capability which allows it to analyze data collected from various sources such as Drive test, MRR, GPEH, OSS and Probe based data to provide services ranging from network design and planning to In-building design, transmission design and capacity planning.
PhiMetrics RF Planning services include 2G, 3G and LTE based multi-technology planning. The planning process is compatible with both green field as well as incremental network planning.

PhiMetrics uses the best in class 3rd party planning tools in its analytics backend to perform network planning functions. These tools are complemented by PhiMetrics proprietary Macro & GIS based analysis.

Some of these proprietary macro based analyses are shown below:

  • MMR Based Coverage & Capacity Analysis
  • Population and Clutter based Analysis
  • ICR Based Analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Growth Analysis
  • New Hardware requirement
  • Drive Test Base analysis
  • National and state highways analysis

PhiMetrics uses a globally accepted tool based design methodology along with its proprietary design process. The combination of the best in class tools and resources helps conserve significant Cap-ex and Op-ex on IBS rollouts

Advantages of the PhiMetrics Methodology

  • No Ad-Hoc Planning - Tool based planning reduces errors in dimensioning and BOM estimation leading to significant Cap-ex savings
  • Faster Turn Around time - Automated report generation leading to fast design output without manual errors
  • High scalability - Resources such as experts and tools can be shared across multiple locations as they are in the Back-end. Fewer planners needed to scale up quickly
  • Multi-Band & Multi-Technology Design - GSM, UMTS & LTE ready designs
  • Use of propagation data - Propagation data specific to the location collected through walk tests can be used to fine tune the model and achieve greater accuracy
The PhiMetrics planning solutions are designed by experts that have planned and rolled out networks that cater to over 500 Million subscribers worldwide.
Capacity Planning
The PhiMetrics transmission planning module uses proprietary analysis to generate an optimal transmission plan. This methodology takes the following factors into account:

  • Traffic type and amount estimation
  • Upgrade and future network layout plan (layers, topology, media)
  • Availability analysis
  • Fault, Configuration, Performance, Security management plans
  • Network synchronization plan
  • QoS and system performance specification
  • Current network inventory, evaluation and status

Transmission Planning
The PhiMetrics capacity planning service provides a comprehensive plan taking the impact on quality and coverage as well as customer experience into account. PhiMetrics uses proprietary GIS and Macro based analysis in order to make accurate predictions of capacity requirements.
The PhiMetrics capacity planning also takes additional spectrum scenarios into account to give a better picture of capacity requirements in the future


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