Roaming Analytics
Roaming Analytics
Roaming Analytics
VAS Analytics solutions using the PhiMetrics Backend
The PhiMetrics Back-end analytics platform has the capability of analyzing Inbound roaming performance.

The Inbound roaming analysis analyzes:

  • Data from roaming tests conducted on various roaming partners and handsets
  • Roaming platform reports
  • Roaming interface data (SS7)

To provide a comprehensive analysis of the Inbound roaming customer's experience on the network.
The inbound analysis can also include a competitive analysis in case data from roaming tests conducted on competitor networks is measured. A touchpoint wise inbound roaming analysis across the top roaming partners is provided.

The PhiMetrics Back-end analytics platform receives data from its roaming test probes located in top cities across the world.

Data for the outbound roaming tests conducted for each operator is remotely uploaded to the backend server for analysis.

In addition to the data from the mobile probes, the backend can also accept data from the roaming platform as well as SS7 traces.

The features of the Outbound roaming analytics are:

  • Optional subscription based outbound testing
  • Analysis across all touchpoints such as billing, roaming partners, roaming quality, network, customer care, marketing, VAS, Provisioning etc.
  • Comparison with local and global competitors
In addition to the roaming analytics, the PhiMetrics backend platform also provides a roaming scorecard & customized dashboard to track and monitor roaming performance on an on going basis.

The features of the web-based roaming dashboard are:

  • Customized touchpoint wise scorecard
  • Automated workflow based analysis
  • Trend analysis based on past results
  • Comparison with global operators