Strategic Audit
Strategic Audits
Strategic Audits
Helping operators make correct strategic decisions through data driven analytics
The PhiMetrics Due Diligence Audits independently assess operators, service providers, hardware, software & tool vendors against specific evaluation criteria that are designed to meet strategic investment goals.

The due diligence audit provides valuable feedback on emerging trends and guidelines for selecting the best fit solution according to the following criteria:

  • Competency analysis
  • Product and features roadmap & timing of availability
  • Technical information on infrastructure elements (radio network, core network, back-office systems, etc.),
  • Market Share & Sizing analysis
  • Standards conformance
  • Interoperability
  • Pricing

The PhiMetrics Cap-ex, Op-ex & Process audits help operators reduce network spend and streamline operations

Cap-ex & Op-ex Audit
  • Planning Audit for Cap-ex spends
  • Cap-ex Allocation Audit
  • Op-ex Reduction Audit
  • Process Automation
  • Infrastructure Sharing
  • Manpower resource re-alignment

Process Audit
  • Asset Utilization Audits (planning, optimization and geo location tools and processes)
  • Optimization Process Audits
  • Planning Process Audits
  • Parameter Standardization

The PhiMetrics Spectrum Audit Solutions provide answers to high value spectrum strategy concerns.

Spectrum Strategy Audits
The PhiMetrics Spectrum Strategy Audits provide analysis of various spectrum scenarios from a Valuation, Network, Business & Market Perspective. These Include:

  • Spectrum Auction Strategy Audit
  • Spectrum Sharing Audit
  • Spectrum Re-farming Audits
  • Spectrum surrender evaluation

Spectrum Efficiency Audits
PhiMetrics Spectrum Efficiency Analysis provides operators with a mechanism to evaluate spectrum usage and provides recommendations to optimize its utilization & derive the maximum value out of their spectrum investments.
  • Spectrum Utilization Audit
  • Frequency Plan Audit
  • Interference audit
  • Spectrum Scanning & Cleaning
  • Out of Band Usage & Cross Border Interference audit