Turnkey Optimization
Turnkey Optimization Services
Turnkey Optimization Services
SLA based optimization projects that meet customer experience goals within a short timeline.
The PhiMetrics Turnkey Optimization service provides turnkey SLA based improvements using the PhiMetrics Audit as well as Backend Data analytics capabilities.
PhiMetrics drive test based optimization is carried out to identify baseline performance and improve actual customer experience through customer focused drive test KPIs. PhiMetrics also uses its existing global drive test database to compare and identify areas of improvement. Some KPIs that are considered for improvement are as follows:

  • Accessibility
  • Retainability
  • Coverage
  • Quality
  • Latency
  • Throughputs etc.

The drive test optimization is performed using 3rd party drive test equipment such as Nemo / Invex. A pre and a post drive test is conducted to identify the improvements against the set targets.

In order to improve quality, coverage and customer experience, PhiMetrics uses an automated tool based optimization methodology for 2G and 3G.

After performing the ACP (Automated Cell Planning) & AFP (Automated Frequency Planning) analysis, PhiMetrics can implement the frequency plan to improve network KPIs and reduce Interference in the 2G network. PhiMetrics also suggests physical / antenna optimization from the ACP analysis to reduce coverage overlap and improve 2G voice quality.

Once the Baseline data is collected, detailed analysis of the performance is conducted to improve various KPIs that affect network performance.
PhiMetrics turkney optimization projects typically run from 2-4 months and provide a robust SLA based improvements.
3G/LTE optimization
Along with above 2G KPIs to achieve below 3G KPIs below additional optimization activities needs to be executed on the top of DT analysis. Achieving defined KPIs demands that the scope needs to be focused on other areas like core and transmission along with WRAN.

SLA based optimization
The PhiMetrics SLA based turnkey optimization uses Customer focused SLAs with stringent standards comparable to global best KPIs as targets.

The key deliverables of an SLA based optimization apart from the target KPIs are: The following deliverables will be executed as a part of the project: Drive test report (before & after) for each cluster Detailed analysis report of issues found Recommendations / Optimization undertaken report for each issue resolution Verification report after implementation of recommendationsKPI report comparison (Before & After) Quality analysis for various scenarios for particular City