Verification Services
Verification Services
Verification Services
PIndependent 3rd party verification of service quality
The PhiMetrics Verification service is an independent 3rd party view of network and customer experience based performance. It allows operators and service vendors to objectively evaluate performance in a managed services scenario. The PhiMetrics approach to verification is based on its automated data analytics capability that allows it to automate the entire verification process workflow and allow operators to scale verification services to meet the fast paced rollout without compromising on quality.
The PhiMetrics Single Site Verification includes a comprehensive verification of a newly integrated site into the network. As part of the Single Site analysis, PhiMetrics verifies the following:

  • Validation against OSS based Customer KPI targets
  • Service Accessibility
  • Configuration verification
  • Drive test based integration check
  • Handover Validation
  • Drive test based Coverage and Quality verification
  • Physical parameter validation
PhiMetrics is the largest independent verification company in India, Middle East, and Africa
The PhiMetrics Rollout verification service also includes an automated cluster acceptance service. A typical cluster acceptance scope of work is shown below:

Advantages of the PhiMetrics Methodology

  • RF drive test for coverage and performance evaluation as per the routes and test setup defined
  • Record and analyze DT data, check for the coverage & interference
  • Drive test according to the cluster setup specified above
  • Measurement of the KPIs against benchmark figures.
  • Recommendation and implementation of optimization measures
  • Final Cluster acceptance tests

In Order to accept a cluster network as satisfactorily rolled out, the PhiMetrics automated analysis provides a Go/No Go dashboard with recommendations to improve KPIs in order to meet the thresholds.
Network Acceptance is usually carried out once the clusters are optimized & 80% of the sites are on air. The Market wide Acceptance tests are carried out to achieve predefined network wide KPIs before an operator assumes control of the network from the service provider.

The KPIs to be considered are usually a combination of OSS performance reports as well as customer focused drive test KPIs

In order to increase coverage, capacity and quality, a host of new techniques can be used that allows an operator to maximize revenues for the current investment. The PhiMetrics feature testing module automates the calculation of the impact of the feature being deployed in the network on the coverage, quality, customer experience, spectral efficiency as well as capacity.

Turnkey Optimization